Peran Pemerintah dalam Stabilitas Ekonomi Pasar


  • Indra Hidayatullah Institut Agama Islam Syarifuddin Lumajang


Ideally a market is a synergy between producers, consumers, distributors and the government. When the four elements above work together, all parties will benefit, there will be no loss for small parties for the benefit of various parties. The strong and the rich will get richer and the opposite the poor will get poorer and cannot compete in the market.

the role of government interference in controlling the economy of a market. The function of the government as a bumper. They may collude to destroy the natural mechanism of free markets in their interests at the expense of the interests of others or common interests. They can even crush each other. In the framework of the ideal model the function of the government is indeed minimal. But at the same time the government has a duty to reduce and even eliminate practices that lead to monopolies and privileges due to the detriment of others.

 The role of government in the market economy depends on developing market conditions. When the market is normal in its economic turnaround, the government functions as a supervisor in the market so that practices that do not deviate from existing market theory concepts do not occur. Another way that is done by the government is to make laws about goods or services that are urgent for the community to be controlled by the state, so that the goods cannot be monopolized by one or group. By being free in the market economy, the government must intervene so that stability the market economy can be controlled and in accordance with all expectations of market participants.

Keywords: Government, Market Stability


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