• Call for Reviewers


    The Iqtishoduna Journal Editorial Team with p-ISSN: 2252-5661 and e-ISSN: 2443-0056, welcomes lecturers or researchers to voluntarily become our peer-reviewers (free of charge). If you wish, please complete the form at the following link: http://bit.ly/ReviewerReg
    Focus and Scope:
    islamic economics;
    islamic banking and finance;
    islamic economic management;
    islamic economics law;
    management Zakat, Infaq, Shodaqoh, and Waqf;
    islamic entrepreneurship and business;
    islamic economics thought;
    islamic insurance;
    islamic accounting.
    Reviewer Criteria:
    1. Having a Scopus ID
    2. Must publish articles as first author or correspondent author in peer-reviewed journals at a level commensurate with career paths in the past five years
    3. Must have a full profession as a lecturer or researcher in an accredited or trusted educational institution or research institution
    4. Minimum master degree or equivalent
    5. Having experience in managing scientific journals or becoming reviewers is an added value
    Journal link: https://ejournal.iaisyarifuddin.ac.id/index.php/iqtishoduna
    Email/contact us: jurnaliqtishoduna@gmail.com


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  • Call For Papers: Volume 10 Issue 2, October 2021


    Dear Authors,
    IQTISHODUNA: Jurnal Ekonomi Islam
    Call For Papers: Volume 10 Issue 2, October 2021
    ➡️ Submit Deadline: August 31, 2021
    ➡️ Focus and Scope:
    1. islamic economics;
    2. islamic banking and finance;
    3. islamic economic management;
    4. islamic economics law;
    5. management Zakat, Infaq, Shodaqoh, and Waqf;
    6. islamic entrepreneurship and business;
    7. islamic economics thought;
    8. islamic insurance;
    9. islamic accounting.
    ➡️ Please Submit: https://bit.ly/3ctT0qx
    ➡️ Manuscript Template: http://bit.ly/IQTISHODUNAtemplate
    ➡️ Visit us: https://ejournal.iaisyarifuddin.ac.id/index.php/iqtishoduna
    Best regards,
    Editor in Chief

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