The Model of Kiai in Human Resource Development Quality

Based In Pondok Pesantren Diponegoro Klungkung Bali


  • Mohammad Anwar Institut Agama Islam Negeri Jember, Indonesia



Pondok Pesantren is one of the organization/educational institute that is still valued as the second class compared with public educational institute. Hence, to show that the quality of education in pondok pesantren is able to compete with other institutions is by developing human resource that is conducted by Kiai. This research is to describe about the development of human resource in increasing the quality of education in pondok pesantren Diponegoro, Klungkung, Bali by using phenomenology perspective. In addition, this research is qualitative research with the form of case study. The findings of this research are: first, the model of Kiai in human resource development of teachers competence in this pesantren, are: 1) planning the human resource that is conducted by: a) arranging the planning which involves the structures, b) it is conducted in the first year and in the middle of the semester, c) planning the teachers based on the evaluation and analysis needs. 2) Recruiting the human resource by following the procedure and sunny ideology, high dedication, sincere, and competence, b) internal and external recruitment. 3) Selecting the administrative, written test, teaching, and interview. 4) Evaluating a) conducting formal and informal assessment, b) conducting class supervision periodically, c) assessing the work performance, loyalty, responsibility, obedient, honesty, and leadership, d) assessing by report model, e) compensation of teacher in the form of financial and non financial.  5) Human resource development by giving training program and meeting periodic. The second, the model of Kiai in developing the manager of human resource competence in this pesantren are: 1) planning human resource in a) recruiting the manager based on the human resource, b) selecting which is customized by the position needs, c) placing and appointing based on the duty and authority, d) developing the human resource by giving training, e) maintaining of well-being, f) integrating the human resource by leadership and communication, g) compensation the allowance of pesantren, h) discipline, i) discharging the position, 2) Implementing the strategy of human resource planning by: a) supplying, filtering and selecting, b) developing by giving training and mutation, continuing study to the higher level and mutation the position, c) maintaining of well-being, d) integrating by communication intensely in solving the problem in general, e) compensation of  fee, f) discipline, it is pointed out whether to the students or manager who violate the rule, g) discharging which is caused by mutation, retired, and resigned.


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