Pemberdayaan TPQ Melalui Penguatan SDM dalam Meningkatkan Motivasi Santri di Desa Kebonsari Kecamatan Sumbersuko Kabupaten Lumajang


  • Bambang Subahri Institut Agama Islam Syarifuddin Lumajang
  • Achmad Farid Institut Agama Islam Syarifuddin Lumajang
  • Firrizqie E. Febrianty Institut Agama Islam Syarifuddin Lumajang
  • Isyta A. Adilah Institut Agama Islam Syarifuddin Lumajang
  • Yuliani Wulandari Institut Agama Islam Syarifuddin Lumajang



Motivasi, Pemberdayaan, Santri, TPQ


Empowerment includes various efforts to build people's capabilities by motivating and developing potential, involving stages of awareness, knowledge transformation, and capacity building. Community empowerment efforts focus on creating a climate of potential development, strengthening potential and power, as well as economic empowerment with the aim of increasing human dignity. Empowerment outcomes involve meeting needs, increasing income, and participating in development. Human resource theory highlights the role of HR as the main resource in achieving organizational goals, with three critical resources: financial, human, and informational resources. Meanwhile, human resources (HR) planning is the process of procuring the right human resources at the right time to ensure personnel meet needs. The Al-Qur'an Education Park (TPQ) has an important role as a special educational institution, focusing on teaching reading and writing the Al-Qur'an, and aims to make students able to read and understand the Al-Qur'an as a guide to life, especially for elementary school age children. (7 to 12 years).


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