How to Reviewers Process

How to Reviewers Process

Login as Reviewer. After entering the dashboard, select the article to be reviewed then click Review as shown below  

Then a display like this will appearIf the reviewer is willing to review the article, click Accept Review, Continue to Step # 2, if you are not willing to review, click Decline Review Request as shown below

If you continue to review, click step # 2 Guidelines and step # 3, Download & Review, then you download the assignment which consists of full text, draft assessment, etc. in the Review Files and Reviewer provides an assessment in the Review as shown below.

After the reviewer has reviewed the article and provided an assessment, then upload the reviewed article and other forms in the Reviewer Files, select one of recommendations in the Recommendation, then click Submit Review as shown below 


1. Accept submission: Articles received without revision

2. Revisions Required: Articles received without revision

3. Resubmit for Review: Resend the article for review again

4. Resumbit Elsewhere: Articles send elsewhere

5. Decline Submission: Article rejected

6. See Comments: See comments from Reviewers