How to Editor Process

Section Editor Process

Login as section editor. After entering the dashboard, click on the submitted article Submissions to be submitted to the reviewer.

If you want to edit the article starting from the title, abstact, etc. as well as the author's identity before reviewing it, click the metadata in the upper right corner.

If you want to reject an article without being reviewed, click Decline Submission

To review the article, click Send To Reviewa dialog will appear as shown:

To raise reviewers, click add reviewers

To upload the review results, it is in the revisions column 

Coloum review discussios, for discussion if needed

If the review process round 1 is lacking, back to steep 1 submission, click send to review

If the article has been reviewed, click send to copyediting, a dialog box will appear as shown


Email to be sent to author: text to send an email to the author

Reviewer’s Attachments: Note file from reviewers if the reviewers include the file

Revisions: revision file

If you have clicked the editorial decision record, it will go to the copyediting tab

Copyedited: to upload copyediting results

When finished, click send to production to publish


Proses Editor

In the production / Galleys tab

click add Galleys will appear like this 

In the Galleys column label write PDF then save will be taken to the file upload dialog as at submit

When finished, click Continue a dialog will appear as shown 

After Full Text is uploaded, then the article is targeted to Schedule For Publication as shown below

Tutorial transliteration font Times New Arabic download here