Implementasi Komunikasi Organisasi dalam Kegiatan Dakwah Gerakan Pemuda Anshor

Implementation of Organizational Communication in Da'wah Activities of the Ansor Youth Movement


  • Harry Purwanto Institut Agama Islam Syarifuddin Lumajang
  • Heru Wahyu Alamsyah Institut Agama Islam Syarifuddin Lumajang



Da'wah, Organizational Communication, Anshor Youth Movement


GP Anshor is a fairly large religious organization from the center to the branches. Each branch and center always has its own uniqueness. The unique thing about GP Anshor, the Klakah sub-district branch, is that even though it has minimal members and administrators, every time it carries out programs or activities it always runs well, such as religious activities and others. In this research, the author chose the research object at GP Anshor, Mlawang village, Klakah district. The research method used is a qualitative method with a descriptive approach. The descriptive approach is collecting data in the form of words and images. Researchers also conducted direct visits to GP Anshor, Klakah sub-district, conducted interviews with related parties, analyzed data through documentation. The research results found that GP Anshor leaders used interpersonal organizational communication to develop the organization. The dominant communication that occurs at GP Anshor is the formal communication flow, where the direction of this communication flow is vertical, namely upward and downward communication, the direction of communication is horizontal. Apart from that, informal communication flow patterns also occur at GP Anshor, where this informal communication flow involves interpersonal communication between the administrators, members and chairman of GP Ansor. Organizational communication is very necessary for the implementation of maximum coaching activities to achieve an organization's goals. Weaknesses that occur in implementing organizational communication in da'wah activities in GP Anshor, Klakah District include a lack of discipline in organization, a lack of guidance for Anshor members, as well as differences of opinion and indications of interpersonal conflict, causing delays in the implementation of da'wah activities.


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